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‘witches’ house’ A4 or A5


limited edition Giclee Print made from original watercolour by Katy Lawrence


This piece was created as an illustration of a short story written by Caroline Bruns and they were featured together in issue 1 of little living room, 'at home in edinburgh'


Katy is an eternally humble creative who paints in watercolour to thersapise in her spare time. She is a passionate environmentalist who in her early 20's founded the carbon footprint awareness company E-mission. She is committed to working with groups like Friends of the Earth to do what she can to make this planet one we want to live in. 


She is your friendly neighbourhood hobbit and lover of all things fantastical. She can often be found wandering in and around Edinburgh. Follow along with her art and adventures online @katyylawrence.

witches' house

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