about the little living room


Started as a lock down baby in June 2019 by Becca Gallacher, little living room was initially meant to be a community arts publication that celebrated the power of creative expression.

'I wanted people's voices to be heard and their creativity to be seen, especially because of my experiences of barriers to getting seen in the art world. I know how hard it is to be included in a publication, in a gallery, or to work as a selling artist. I realised the need for a safe space with fewer barriers to inclusion.' - Becca, 2019

The values of little living room were born!

Igniting Creativity.  

Building Confidence

Funding Independence

Collaborating for Community Wellbeing.

Our little living room has expanded beyond the initial publication mission. We are developing ourselves as a community-focused, small-scale publishing house with our own quarterly publication as the centre piece. 

The formation of a creative collective gives every individual the chance to maintain connection with us, develop an online portfolio and sell your work without having to think about marketing, production, and shipping.

We have our sights set on establishing a co-working studio and office space in Edinburgh, to support our collective members, make a homebase for our community, and welcome everyone to our little living room in person!