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little living room

little living room is a women and queer-led social enterprise founded in 2020 by artist Rebecca Gallacher. 


We are dedicated to supporting career growth by creating skills development opportunities for those facing obstacles in pursuing creative careers.

We started by supporting independent artists and creatives through our series of panels, networking events and our bi-annual publication.

Now, we offer affordable help to sole traders and conscious businesses - developing eye-catching designs, creating bespoke packages to suit your needs and helping you to communicate with customers and clients to achieve your goals. Whether it is branding, graphic design, copywriting or editing, we can help.

"You can't do everything, sometimes you need someone to offer a hand. Our team offers bespoke design and business support to conscious businesses, We will have a chat and tailor what we offer you based on your business' needs!"

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Issues one, two and three of little living room


We are a community who support people: we believe the person we’re helping today will be helping another tomorrow. Let’s support each other. 

little living room sees a future where those born without access to the arts and creative pursuits can use creative practice to break social-immobility. Using creative practice as an alternative to traditional education, people will develop better skills to earn higher incomes without the discrimination of low qualification barriers. 

Single line drawing of a three seat sofa with two pillows

skills development

little living room publication exists for inclusivity and to stop gate keeping.

Our publishing house exists to celebrate creativity and voice no matter a persons background and experience level. We launch, platform and offer supportive feedback.

business support

Our 2023 goal is to support freelancers and businesses develop eye-catching designs to communicate better with customers

​We will offer different levels of support depending on the needs of individual clients.

Let's start with a chat and see what you need help with! Email today.

Single line drawing of a chaise with two pillows

women & LGBTQ+

We are focusing on supporting women and LGBTQ+ individuals in career growth and connection

​Our goal is to use our network to connect women and queer creatives to businesses, offering them employment and experience.

Single line drawing of an armchair with one pillow
Two pages from an issue of little living room, showing an illustration of a boy at a desk next to a custom advert for a wine shop

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