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little living room is dedicated to the development of everyone in the creative sector. We believe in working together to uplift each other, so we want to help you to create the best possible design and communications strategy to reach the people who need you most. 


We offer affordable help to sole traders and small businesses - developing eye-catching designs, creating bespoke packages to suit your needs and helping you to communicate with customers and clients to achieve your goals. 


We operate on a sliding cost scale to make sure that no one is priced out of bettering their business. To find out more about our services, keep reading! If you could benefit from working with us, you can email to find out more.


Our in-house design team can work with you to create a unique and eye-catching look. And don't worry, we're not into gatekeeping, so whatever design files are created for you will be shared in full and available as templates for future use.



If you have created the perfect publication and are looking for someone to give it a final once over, we can put you in touch with experienced copy and design editors to complete your passion project.


graphic design

Do you need to create a magazine, poster, flyer or business card that really captures what you do? We can help you to create one-off designs or reusable templates to suit your needs.


creative collective

Our wonderful creative collective are a group of passionate artists who we would be happy to put you in touch with. Need custom artwork, a magnificent mural or any other weird and wonderful creations? Just let us know.



If you're lost for words, we can fix that. We offer copywriting services and assistance, so if you want to learn or you just want the finished product, we are here for you.


...and more!

We are happy to chat with you about anything from fundraising to business development. If you are a social enterprise, sole trader, charity or freelancer, get in touch!

email today to work together on your project or business

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