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burntisland creative hub

little living room are launching the ' Burntisland Creative Hub' pilot in winter 2023/2024. We are planning 12 Creative Connection sessions, once a week, for artists, creatives, and people interested in the arts based in or working in Burntisland.


This is a fully funded opportunity for participants to create something new each session under set themes relevant to the people living in the town. The sessions will be led by various artists and will encourage the participants to create mindfully, while also crafting a hub for connection between people who work and create independently in Burntisland.

We will be asking for a 4 pounds donation on booking tickets. On attending the events you will have the option to have this refunded or if you are happy to donate it to us to support future Burntisland Creative Hub events.

Below is an application form for you to either sign up to attend a workshop or to sign up to be a facilitator. After filling in the appropriate form we will email you with the plans for the Burntisland Creative Hub, the availability and schedule for workshops.

Please email if you need any support filling out the forms, have any questions or would like to support the project somehow.

Please click this button to apply to attend the Burntisland Creative Hub

Please click this button to apply to be a facilitator for the Burntisland Creative Hub

Funded by the Cervus Trust


issue eight: the period issue launch event © Emma Lobban

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