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Here are the portfolios of our creative collective. Their work is unique to them, deserving of appreciation, and we know you will like it too!

If you would like a piece we you do not see in our shop, or an alternative size please get in touch via

Mullein green is our in house illustrator! Printmaker, painter and as of 2020 has been a self taught digital illustrator has illustrated with little living room publication issue 2! She is always continuing to experiment and refine her work and has expressed her gratitude and feel lucky to connect with a wonderful mix of creatives here!


Mullein Green she/her

Emma Alice Jane she/her

Emma, our in house Graphic Designer, is a self-proclaimed renaissance woman of creativity. A Caledophile based in London, she is an theatre marketer and freelance graphic designer by day and a poet, author and artist by night. Emma is a graduate of the Warwick Writing Programme and designer for little living room.

Instagram: @sappho_design


Becca Gallacher she/they

Becca is a writer, poet, contemporary artist, songbird and eternal romantic. Since studying BAHons in fine art at DJCAD she has travelled and taught abroad to find home, explore herself and how to express her voice. She has volunteered in art therapy with Cross reach and has studied counselling skills in Edinburgh since realising her need to further understand active listening and self care. Becca has since made a platform for fellow creatives seeking connection with little living room as of June 2019 as CEO and Editor in chief.




Cassandra Harrison she/her

Cassandra Harrison is a freelance artist, illustrator and art educator living and working in Edinburgh.  Cassandra graduated with honours in Fine Art and Art Education and has been delivering art lessons to children and adults for nearly two decades.  With an interest in Art History, most of her sessions visit great and forgotten figures in art history, making relevant today the artistic discoveries of the past. One of her greatest joys is showing children how to make cool stuff in art and seeing what they create. It is such a joy to see how excited children are when they create something they are proud of. Cassandra loves a good collaboration, teaming up with other artists such as Bookbinding with Cass, 3Theatre and Edinburgh Sketcher to deliver interesting, vibrant and fun workshops to children and grownups.  Cassandra’s work has been featured in the Royal Academy Open Exhibition, in local shops, The Edinburgh Art Book and on walls and mantel pieces of homes and flats across the land.

Instagram: @cassandraharrison7


Ozge Spike she/her

Ozge is a playright, jewellery maker and wonderful human being. You can find her written piece about how 'O with the dots' her company was founded and how she found herself in Edinburgh - in issue 2 of little living room. Ozge's jewellery captures moments for people to wear as beautiful statement pieces. 

 "... perfectly imperfect..." polymer clay jewellery hand-made by Özge 



Lajeen Wasim she/her

Lajeen is an extremely talented artist who specialises in a contemporary take to realistic pencil rendered drawings of landscapes, architecture and portraitds. Her work is almost magical with soft rendering and striking contrast with a truly ethereal take to reflection in particular.

Instagram: @lajeen_art

Anna Ferrara she/her

Gifted illustrator Anna Ferrara brings cover of issue 4 to you! Anna's illustrations are impressively creative and original, each one depicting her self portraits. She draws many versions of herself into character for her audience

Instagram: @giallosardina


Amy Liston she/her

multimedia artist and jewellery maker Amy Liston now brings christmas decorations and bookmarks to you! Amy's work is so beautiful and full of joy - the perfect colourful gifts or decorations for this christmas!

Instagram: @alistondesigns


Ell Rose they/them

Ell is a non-binary illustrator, animator and designer based in Edinburgh. They are also our cover illustrator for issue 5! They love cats and rollerskating which both heavily feature in their work. Miles the
Cat is their most prominent character, and is featured in the online publication ‘words and pictures’ as well as being available as pins,
prints and stickers.

Instagram @fourfooteleven.illustrates


Julija Straizyte she/her

Julija is an artist and a freelance illustrator from Lithuania based in Edinburgh. After graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 2017, she has been building her portfolio, working on her personal ideas, as well as collaborative projects, such as editorial illustration, album cover artwork, and poster design. Most of Julija’s images are monochromatic, with a special focus on characters, symbolism, graphics, lines, shapes and patterns.

Instagram: @yuloid


Caroline Mentiplay she/her

Caroline is a creative writer, poet and performer. She founded A Little Act of Words in 2020 after reflecting upon the impact of personal, meaningful words lifting the very heart and soul of people. Nothing felt more significant during lockdown and after years of writing poetry for weddings and other occasions, Caroline was delighted to offer her writing skills to anyone looking to gift a personal poem. With a degree in Acting Studies and a Masters in Scriptwriting for TV and Radio, Caroline has written several plays and is currently writing a comedy about mothers, daughters and the complexities of the blended family. She loves to explore female inspired themes and to use observational comedy to shine a light on the many challenges that women face. Caroline is also establishing her own Spoken Word voice with funny and poignant poems about her own life experiences. She is keen to use her experience and talents to inspire other people to explore their own creativity and loves
a good collaboration.


You can find Caroline's on her website and instagram @carolinementiplay

Chiara Celini she/her

Chiara is an illustrator, artist and storyteller based in Edinburgh. Her vision is to capture the feeling or essence of an idea in uplifting and playful visuals. She strongly believes in creating with purpose and inclusivity. Through her practice she's worked with small independent businesses to larger cooperations. From packaging design and murals to publication and editorial work; every project Chiara takes on is met with the same enthusiasm and vision - create art from the heart. 


Website -

Instagram -

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