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Depicts a young person skating over the non-binary flag colours yellow, white, black and purple. With dungarees, a jacket, a white cat and an iPad in the background.


12"x8" water based giclee print from Bare Branding with sustainability at its core.

Ell is a non-binary illustrator, animator and designer based in Edinburgh. They are also the cover illustrator of little living room issue five: self determination!


This is the official cover of little living room issue five: self determination created by Ell to reflect how they determine who they are as part of the Pride issue's exploration of self determination.

Ell loves cats and rollerskating which both heavily feature in their work. Miles the Cat is their most prominent character and is featured in the online publication ‘words and pictures’ as well as being available as pins, prints and stickers.


Prints are available in A5 and A4, larger commissions are available on request - get in touch at

Instagram: @fourfooteleven.illustrates
Twitter: @4foot11illo

issue five: self determination cover art by Ell Rose

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