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mina spike stickers 4-pack


pack of 4 professionally printed stickers from original digital art by Mina Spike


These illustrations were drawn on an iPad by 10 year old Mina Spike, a member of our creative collective, and illustrator for Özge Spike's hand made jewellery business based in Leith, 'o' with the dots. 


Mina Spike is the youngest collective member of LLR. She was born in London in 2010 and has Turkish, British, Irish and American roots. She has lived in London, Australia, and Edinburgh and spends her summers in Turkey. Mina wrote her first novel during the 2020 lockdown, but is now concentrating on her drawing and illustration, and loves to experiment with different techniques, like sketching, watercolours, digital art, and now animation. She illustrated one of the pages in a soon-to-be-published book (The Bumper Book of Uncles) This is Mina's first professional commission, but she hopes for many more, as she wants to be an artist! Mina also enjoys dungeons and dragons, especially the part where she can design her own elaborate characters and worlds.


These stickers were printed by Bare Branding, a fellow Scottish social enterprise based in Edinburgh. 

mina spike stickers 4-pack

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