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The environmental issue!


COP is the United Nations Conference of Parties - an annual convention seeking to tackle climate change and stem the climate crisis. But since COP 26 in Glasgow 2021, what has changed?


Welcome to issue seven, the issue which tries to make sense of our complex relationship with the environment and the world around us. Featuring the words and art of protesters, poets and prose-smiths. 


"We can’t save the world by playing by the rules, because the rules have to be changed."
Greta Thunberg


The contributors: 

Lou Beardsmore

Kate Bradley

Caroline Bruns

Lorna Camus

Elena Citarella

Alex Beata Clarke

Renite Manisha Gosal

Emma A. J. Johnson

Simon Krawczyk

Sara Kuzma

Katy Lawrence

Lesley McDermott

Irina Novikova (Irina Tall)

Rosanna Reade

Chris Sneddon

Ana Sofia (Luna)

Rabbie Thorne

John Tinneny

Caroline Wiygul


issue seven: a year on from COP

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