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This issue is all about intimacy. The intimacy found between family, friends, lovers, and more. In this issue of little living room, our creatives look at their relationships to their own intimacy and that around them. 


Featuring pieces touching on the love between friends, asexuality, loss, the queer experience and many more poignant themes.


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"I want people to see how universal experiences of intimacy are, regardless of demographic or label or whatever."

Mae Martin

issue nine: the intimacy issue

    • Paula Aguado
    • Patrick R. Allan
    • Rachel Barr
    • Stacy Bias
    • Luke "Luca" Cockayne
    • Lauren Galligan
    • P. W. Garrick
    • Ghost Bros Photo Co.    (Sarah)
    • Iona Glen
    • Catrin Gray
    • Amy Healy
    • Joanna Helms
    • Jemima Jayne
    • Alisha Kadir
    • Sian Meades-Williams
    • Billie Neilson 
    • Nicki Newell
    • Georgia-Maia
    • Hannah Oliver
    • Savan Panchal
    • Cat Scott
    • Srija Shrestha
    • Jenna Waldren
    • Aner Wang
    • Garrow Wilson
    • Kelly Zou
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