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This issue is all about periods. Having them; not having them; your first one; your last one; love them or hate them. In this pertinent issue, we hear about your relationship to your cycle and your body. Read work from all genders, ages and life experiences on this important but often taboo topic.


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"Over half the world menstruates at one time or another, but you'd never know it. Isn't that strange?"

Margaret Cho

issue eight: the period issue

    • Aileen McKay
    • Bethany Wheeler
    • Caroline Mentiplay
    • Caterina Bellinetti
    • Ceara Coleman
    • Chloe Hearnden
    • Ell Rose
    • Emily King
    • Felicity Inkpen
    • Hollie Evans
    • Issey Medd
    • Iva Jericevic
    • Josey Green
    • Jude Allen
    • Julija Straizyte
    • Katie Braid
    • Katrin Blackwater
    • Lianne Allen
    • Lula Jardine
    • Lula Ashdown
    • Luna Xue-Sar
    • Mattea Gernentz
    • M.J. Burns
    • Nina Willms
    • Özge Spike
    • Rosie Anderson
    • Samuel Robertson
    • Sara Kuzma
    • Zhenyi Zheng
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