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little living room: issue four - ‘role play’


pre-order issue 4 now to receive your copy fresh off the press! 


We are so excited to send out the first issue of 2022, celebrating the end of one year of publishing creatives on one platform with little living room, and the beginning of the next! This issue is centred around the theme of ‘role play’, inviting artists, writers, and other creatives in our community to consider the roles they play in their daily lives. The submissions we received in response to this prompt have made for a stunning and inspiring issue which engages with ideas of identity, selfhood, and play. 


little living room platforms a variety of art forms together in a professionally curated art & literature book. We collaborate with local illustrators and professionals to knit together the work submitted by individuals and groups nationwide. Our aim is to support our community— your purchase supports the creatives involved directly. We also strive to make the artwork of our creatives as accessible as possible. Each issue purchased enables us to provide donated issues and subsidised spaces on workshops to at-risk and underserved communities in Scotland.  


Thank you for supporting us by buying, subscribing and donating! We are so so delighted and honoured to keep bringing little living room to you, and are supporting more creatives with each print.

issue four: role play

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