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‘creative workshop’ A3, A4 or A5


limited edition Giclee Print made from original digital illustration by Cassandra Harrison


This illustration was created for an online workshop Cassandra was involved in, working alongside Bookbinding with Cass and yoga and journaling legend Sarah-Alexandra Teodorescu.


Cassandra is a freelance artist, illustrator and art educator living and working in Edinburgh. Cassandra graduated with honours in Fine Art and Art Education and has been delivering art lessons to children and adults for nearly two decades. With an interest in Art History, most of her sessions visit great and forgotten figures in art history, making relevant today the artistic discoveries of the past. One of her greatest joys is showing children how to make cool stuff in art and seeing what they create. It is such a joy to see how excited children are when they create something they are proud of.


Cassandra loves a good collaboration, teaming up with other artists such as Bookbinding with Cass, 3Theatre and Edinburgh Sketcher to deliver interesting, vibrant and fun workshops to children and grownups. Cassandra’s work has been featured in the Royal Academy Open Exhibition, in local shops, The Edinburgh Art Book and on walls and mantel pieces of homes and flats across the land.


See more of her work at or follow her online ​​@cassandraharrison7.

creative workshop

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