We mix individual's invaluable creative skills with beautiful graphic design and professional production to create a unique art magazine

What is art? Anything!

We believe any person has the power to be creative and our magazine reflects that belief. No matter what medium is used to express we will try to include it. Are you an individual who enjoys sketching or knitting or baking to unwind?

Are you in a group or community hub or do you dabble in the therapeutic arts?​

Our publications include:

  • Painting

  • Photography

  • Illustration

  • Poetry

  • Prose

  • Short Stories

  • Creative Writing Series

  • Essays

  • Recipes

  • How to's/DIY

Contribute today or check out our publications so far!

The Power of Celebration

 With open submissions we invite creatives either formally trained or amateur  to openly express their creativity. 

Our goal with each issue is to grow confidence by publishing many young, new, or part-time artists for the first time. We will help any creatives get the chance to be published without having to pay for that inclusion.

The independence  of creatives is vital to the democratisation of art:

  • We will never charge a fee for submission.

  • We will always give a free copy of the magazine to included creatives.

  • We will forever leave the open opportunity for contributors to join little living room's creative collective.

Our creatives already feel the pride and growth of confidence by seeing their work alongside other artists, with every publication we grow that recognition more.

Help us celebrate creatives or send some work in to let us make space for your art.

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