our values



Little Living Room is a collective of creatives which aims to support collaboration of people from a range of backgrounds. We aim to diversify through setting up projects that create connection between nationalities, genders, social class and age.

Art is for everyone in one form or another, we shouldn’t have to fit into or tick boxes to gain support. Arts therapy is my tool to bridge the gap between those with access to creative exploration and those who are and have been denied this opportunity. Everyone is a creative. We deserve to explore our capabilities to make sense of this world and ourselves.



We are creating a platform where collaborative writing, photography, illustration and design projects give voice to the underrepresented and establish connections that would not be possible in this increasingly polarised and ‘exclusive’ world. 

I started putting this project together because I am a visual artist and writer. I always have been, but I never had the confidence to put my work out there. Until that is when my work was acknowledged, I was shortlisted for the John Byrne award. I couldn’t believe it, I cried as I read my email in disbelief. This made me feel like a writer. It made me feel as though I was enough. It is amazing how one person or panel acknowledging your capabilities can stir confidence in you. For all those who have never felt adequate or enough, we want to help build your confidence. You are enough.

watercolour painted image. teal covers most of the background with a yellow filled circle in the bottom right around the outline of a person sitting on a hill. Across the middle of the image Little Living Room is written and smaller beneath that make space for your art is written


With the precariousness of the pandemic and looming disconnection of Brexit, we believe that support for creatives and connecting with other businesses is vital. We aim to remedy lost connection and establish new bridges between those whose voices have become, or are at risk of becoming, silenced.


I have worked hard to bring together a really supportive and safe publishing house and creative collective where people of all different backgrounds and levels of experience can be heard. I strive to ignite creativity in our community building confidence, showing people their value and collaborating with fellow local businesses for sustainable community wellbeing. 


community wellbeing

We are focusing on work that has come to life through collaboration. We are focusing on both national and international topics of social equity and art. As we believe in everyone’s individual voice, we want our community to focus on building each other up, listening and connecting.

Our goal is to connect creatives in a both physical and online community – a co-working space in Edinburgh will be our home for those close by –those in the heart of Scotland and further away - where we will run and facilitate arts therapy workshops and writing therapy workshops. Our wider community will be supported virtually and through publication, connect with us!