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issue 1 'home in edinburgh'  1.10.2020 11.12.2020

what makes your home in edinburgh? how did you make your home? why did edinburgh become yours? have you refound home since lockdown?

release date january 2021

issue 2 'voice found' 2.1.2021 12.3.2021

have you found your voice? how did you find it? have you ever lost it? how do you express yourself?

release date april 2021

issue 3 'living room' 3.4.2021 11.6.2021

How do you find your 'living room'? mental health (art therapy, creative drive, tight roping, reading, making puppet ?! how you take breaks? what helps you to breathe?

release date july 2021

issue 4 'role play' 3.7.2021 10.9.2021

do you ever feel like you'e playing a part? the parts we play can sometimes overwhelm our reality. have roles changed since covid? are you finding new roles? have you been able to realign boundaries in your life to get to know people more and develop stronger relationships? has isolation brought you closer? are you finding more ways to connect to the people in your life?

release date october 2021

issue 5 'a retrospective' 2.10.2021 10.12.2021

looking back over your life - the last years - the last months - the last days - how do you feel about your experiences that brought you here? this present moment? the routes you took? the conversations you had and choices youve made - the work youve created. 

release date january 2022

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