get involved

We want to work with every creative who sends us a piece of art. Here are the two ways you can get involved!


If you want to submit a contribution to our publication follow this link

If you are interested in becoming a member of the creative collective, send an enquiry to this email

infographic image detailing the two types of creative inclusion. title, publication contribution and collective membership. contribute and get printed in a community art publication, receive feedback in a professional, editorial, and kind manner. we will print and sell reproductions of your contribution. You earn fifty percent of the profits for each print of your work sold. Get an introduction to working with an inclusivity-focused, creative social enterprise!  Join the creative collective and take part in an ongoing print and sale agreement. Have your art included in an individual online portfolio on our website. Earn fifty percent of profits on reproductions of your work. Earn seventy percent of profits from sales of original work through little living room. Get the chance to sell work at our pop up market days and the chance to develop workshops where you get paid to teach a skill. Take part in person centred, open, one to one support as much as you want from our team!

Am I a creative?

Probably! you're here aren't you?


We mix individual's invaluable creative skills with beautiful graphic design and professional production to create a unique, quarterly art book.  Here we have shared with you what we think art can be! and a little of how it has helped our contributors  

what can art be! (1).png