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advertising payment options 

Our Publications and specifically the quarterly magazine 


First Issue: At Home in Edinburgh 


Feature: Places we connect with 

Submission dates: n/a 

Release date: January 2021 


Second Issue: Voice Found 


Feature: Creatives we support 

Submission dates:  

Release date: April 2021 


Third Issue: Living Room 


Feature: mental, physical, and emotional health 

Submission dates: 

Release date: July 2021 


Fourth Issue: Role Play 


Feature: acting, music, art education 

Submission dates: 

Release date: October 2021 


Fifth Issue: Retrospective  


Feature: anyone 

Submission dates: 

Release date: January 2022 


What we are About: 

We are demonstrating everyone’s worth within our magazines. Our artists, companies we advertise, and local partners we showcase in each issue receive equal treatment in how we demonstrate the value of what they create and do.  


Our Creatives: 


These individuals submit work to us to be included within our magazine. By following open call dates and in using the submission portal on our website, your voice will be shared. Artists’ work and story is our focus, and for those who provide a creative service the artistic goal of our magazine is not to share your profession. We are seeking creative work with personal value rather than creative work explicitly for sale. 

Creatives included in publication renumeration - a free issue and free minizine 


Our Advertisements: 

The companies and individuals we advertise within our magazine pay* to help us give published voice to those artists and creatives who need recognition. We offer bespoke full page and half page spreads, aiming to detail value to community and quality of service to our readers.  

Creative individual’s pricing – £85, £170 

Social enterprises/small companies/small charities - £185, £370 

Charities, non-profits – £285, £570 

Large companies – £385, £770 

*contact us if you wish to discuss payment plan, creative exchange, or some other form of re-imbursement if you wish to advertise and need different pricing options. 


Our Local Features: 

For every issue we select Scottish-based companies, creatives, and campaigns to feature according to our theme. These organisations receive a free bespoke mini-advertisement – a graphic and a blurb. Sharing a two-page spread with other companies, creatives, and campaigns, we want to show our readers the value of other services and work across Scotland. 

Featured organisations and individuals included will be contacted prior to publication.