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Creative collective 


If you want an online portfolio and to sell your work without having to think about marketing, production, and shipping, we can do that with you. Collaborate with us, put your work on our platform, and earn 50% from every sale’s profits. Help us support a network of creatives while also being recognised for your creativity. If you want to stop at any time, we will understand and gladly remove your creations from further production. You own your work at all points of the process.  


Igniting Creativity.  

Building Confidence 

Funding Independence. 

Collaborating for Community Wellbeing  


Creative collective collaborators: 

Your art that you choose to upload online remains your property and can be removed at any moment. You select which pieces can be reproduced and sold as a print, postcard, or other merchandised item.  


50% of sale profits go directly to the artist. The remaining profits goes to the company to help cover workers compensation and support the continuation of the collective. Artists and the company share the cost of production, shipping, and any tax. 


We select our monthly online featured artist from our creative collective collaborators. Your work can be celebrated.  


Creative collective collaborators may be involved in the quarterly art open weekend events. 


Creative collective collaborators have first priority to run workshops showcasing their skills and passing on their learning to another generation. 


Creative collective collaborators have a 10% discount on drinks at the café. 


Creative collective collaborators can leave physical pieces in the café for display, setting their own prices and earning 60% of the total revenue. 



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